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54: Rachel Hazell The Travelling Bookbinder 📚

Episode Summary

Kim interviews Rachel Hazell “The Travelling Bookbinder” about artist books.

Episode Notes

Kim interviews Rachel Hazell “The Travelling Bookbinder”, who teaches how to make artist books.

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About Rachel Hazell

Rachel Hazell travels the world teaching people how to make artist books. She has built a giant two meter tall book for a fashion design exhibit which visitors wrote in, and which travelled the world. Rachel has visited Antarctica three times, teaching sailors to write poetry on a Navy ship, and working as “Postmistress and Penguin Monitor” (her official job title, obviously).

Artist Books

Artist books vary from regular books in their materials which are often customised with hand drawn or hand printed designs. The materials can be very diverse and even feature found objects. Artist books can be unique one-off books, or handmade by a book bindery in small runs, but are generally not mass produced. Artist books push the boundaries of bookbinding and challenge your expectations of what a book can be.

Rachel’s book titled “Bound” has easy to follow projects showing you how to make artist books. It is available from your local bookshop and online.


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Photography: Susan Bell, Jane Massey.