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61: Being a Working Artist with Painter and Surfer Drew Brophy 🏄‍♂️

Episode Summary

An interview with Drew Brophy full of wise and inspiring insights from 30 years experience working as an artist.

Episode Notes

This interview with Drew Brophy is full of wise and inspiring insights from someone who has been working as an artist for 30 years.

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Find the people who like your art

Drew discusses how he was discouraged from making his art for several years, simply because it was different to what people knew. He persevered and figured out how to travel the world and get paid to paint surfboards.

Posca Pens

Drew has been using Posca paint markers since the late 1980s. He would import the pens himself and give them away to other artists.

Art & Business

In the final part of the interview Drew talks about how bad the "tortured artist" and "starving artist" myths are. He gives examples of all the different types of commercial artists earning a good income from their art. There is more about Drew’s journey and early years in his book painting surfboards and chasing waves.

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